Who do I contact to reserve the Picnic/Field Area and Pool Grills?
Contact the LAPRAAC Admin Office at (323)221-5222. Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Can a family member use my Brivo Mobile Pass?
No. You, the member, will have to be present and only 5 guests per member are allowed in the pool area.
Do I have to notify LAPRAAC if I am going to play/practice basketball in the gym?
Yes. You can contact the LAPRAAC Admin Office to reserve the gym. The gym will be reserved for a max of 2 hours and only 5 guests per LAPRAAC member.
How do I obtain the Brivo Mobile Pass to enter the weight room, basketball court, pool area and racquetball court?
You can obtain the Brivo Mobile Pass in the LAPRAAC Admin Office and is free to all LAPRAAC Members.