Recruit Purchasing Guide

The items you are about to purchase are an investment into your career. Think of them as tools of your trade. Investing in your future career will make your life easier. Only get what you need, but do not leave yourself short as it will make your life more difficult.

Below is a list of recommended items. The quantities you actually need may vary based on your circumstances, but this general list will get you on your way. Below the list are some additional considerations you should think about when making your purchase. If you have any questions, please call us at 323-221-5222 x229 or x231.

LAPRAAC Membership – Any recruit in the class may sign up to be a LAPRAAC Member. You may sign up while making your on-line gear purchase or at orientation. If you are purchasing on-line and wish to sign up, do so by adding the membership to your cart. You will receive a 10% discount on your purchase if it is in your cart at the time of purchase. Most recruits spend about $1,000 in gear so your membership savings would immediately be $100! Please note that their are two types of membership, LAPD & non-LAPD, please choose accordingly.

  • Recruit LAPD Range Kit
  • 2 Neck Ties
  • 2 Tie Bars
  • Collar Stay
  • Traffic Ruler
  • Trundle Stop
  • Gym Bag
  • FI Cover
  • Luggage Tag
  • 2 Metal Name Tags
  • Class Baseball Hat
  • 3 Uniform Shirts
  • 3 Uniform Pants
  • 10 Stenciled Dri-fit Shirts
  • 3 Stenciled Sweat Shirts
  • 3 Sweat Pants
  • 3 Recruit Shorts
  • Shirt Stay
  • Boots
  • Jog Bra – Females Only
  • Athletic Supporter w/Cup – Males Only
  • Shoe Shine Kit
  • Combination Lock
  • Black Gym Socks
  • White Gym Socks
  • Upgraded Handcuff Key
  • Butt Cuff
  • Mouth Piece
  • Notebook
  • LAPD Highlighter
  • Gear Clip
  • Body Glide

Helpful Purchasing Hints:

Purchasing an extra pair of boots can make your life easier as you will always have a pair of boots polished and ready to go as a backup.

Laundry – This can factor into how many shirts, shorts, sweat shirts/pants and Dri-fit items you purchase.  Minimum should be 3 of each.  That gives you one to wear, one in your locker and one in the wash.  Can”t do laundry every night?  Increase the quantities to accommodate how often you can stop to do laundry.  Dri-fit shirts will probably see the most wear and tear as they will be used for physical fitness.  They will get dirty and sweaty.  No less than 5 are recommended.

Seasons – Spring/Summer months will see hotter days and more sweat.  You will probably need less sweats but more Shorts & Dri-Fit Shirts.  Fall/Winter months can see more rain resulting in muddier clothes.  You will probably use more sweats than in the hotter months.

If you have tattoos on your arms you will need to cover them with a black sleeve.  You can purchase those on our site as well. If you have them on your legs, you will need to source solid black leggings (no logo visible).

Tailoring – Do not have anything tailored until after orientation day. If you purchase uniforms before orientation day do not have them tailored until your Drill Instructor has approved the size you have purchased. You will try on your gear at orientation day and you will be accessed. You will also be given a “Tailoring Instruction Sheet” at orientation explaining how items need to be tailored. Tailored items can not be returned.

Congratulations on your career choice. We wish you all the best!