Intra-Departmental Sports

LAPRAAC Intra-Departmental Events

Basketball League:

Our basketball league starts in September each year and ends in February of the following year. All games are played at the Elysian Park Academy Gym.

We have four various levels of play:

  • A League – open play – competitive
  • B League – divisional – competitive
  • C League – divisional – average
  • D League – divisional – age 40+

Basketball Schedules

Softball League:

Our softball league starts in April each year and ends in June. The leagues play at two separate locations to earn a season record and then are separated for the one-day Red Davis/Larry Moore Tournament.

We have two leagues separated by location:

  • Glendale League – Glendale Sports Complex
  • Valley League – Sepulveda Basin
  • Red Davis/Larry Moore Tournament – Big League Dreams

Softball Schedule

Memorial Run:

The Memorial Run is an annual race in honor of those who have given their lives in the line of duty. When registration is complete, the day starts with a memorial service. Then the 5k run starts at the Academy for the competitive runners with the 5k platoon run starting shortly after. The day also provides a kid’s fun run/walk and several activities for the kids throughout the day

Bench Press:

The Bench Press Competition is a twice a year event, one in the spring and one in the fall. Prior to the event and are separated into categories based on their gender, age, and weight. Each officer gets three attempts to bench press to acquire their heaviest lift. Each officer competes to earn an individual medal (gold, silver, and bronze per category) and to earn points for their divisional team. The division with the most points takes the divisional bench press award.


The Biathlon is a unique competition combining running and marksmanship that we host at LAPRAAC. The competition has a run-shoot-run-shoot-run structure. Each of the 3 running portion is for 1 mile, starting on the track, leaving the LAPRAAC parking lot, going up into Elysian Park, then back down Discipline hill, and into the shooting range. After shooting, you do the loop again. Each of the shooting portion is of two 6-round magazines at the biathlon-specific silhouette target from the 25-yard line. In total, the athletes run 3 miles and shoot 24 rounds. The competition is scored by a combination of your running time +/- time penalties from the shooting rounds. LAPRAAC hosts three biathlons a year and individuals who participate in all three can earn the series title award.

The LAPRAAC Athletic program IS the LAPD Athletic program.

For more information, call the athletics department.

LAPRAAC Athletics: (323) 221-5222

Ext. 228 Natalie Alarid – Athletic Coordinator